We all know the workforce is changing. Beyond reading reports on how the global workplace is shifting, our team is passionate about helping organizations implement strategies and plans that address the changes, creatively of course.

From developing innovative ways to interact with potential talent on campus; creating the perfect mix of virtual recruiting and on-campus presence strategy, to repositioning your employer brand through unique activations, we use our knack for creative strategy, design thinking methodologies and millennial & Gen Z perceptions to craft the perfect solution for your attraction, engagement and retention needs.

Though we're hardwired for custom solutions, below is a list of a few categories our work falls into:


short term solutions

  • Audit & Areas of Opportunity Discovery of Current Recruitment Strategies & Plans
  • Custom Employee Engagement Interactive Sessions, "Incorporating Innovation in Current HR Strategies" Day Brainstorming Session, & Student Professional Development Interactive Workshops

long term solutions

  • Creative Campus & Virtual Recruiting Strategies & Activations
  • Creative Employer Branding Strategies & Activations
  • Multi-generational Employee Engagement Strategies & Planning
  • Leadership Development Program Design & Planning

+ Consulting


  • Millennial & Gen Z Targeted Creative Marketing Strategies & Communications
  • Ad hoc Millennial / Gen Z Consulting